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Bella's Journey


We are sharing my story to help pet parents find inspiration and information to further their pets health, healing and well being.

I was rescued when I was 3 months old with my brother Beau  by SAVE A KITTY. They brought us to live with our family in Bel Air. Since then, my brother and I have lived a happy life with our family...which now includes 3 boy siblings. Oh boy..that's another story I'll explain later... I am the only girl, so far, and have found myself at 11 years old being a Mom to these new arrivals.  I have to admit that I love them. They are my tribe, my family, my Ohana.


A few weeks ago a Dr diagnosed me with a liver tumor that has apparently already spread to my lungs. I am a warrior and have a strong will to fight this. My family is working diligently to gather the right team of Doctors, the right medicines as well as some innovative integrative medicine treatments to help me. Most of all I am surrounded by love and prayers. 

I know God is with me as I was a special  surprise gift to my Mom for her birthday in 2006.  She had been looking to adopt a boy and a girl kitty. Then she got a call on her birthday telling her we had been rescued and were ready for adoption.  Boy was she excited to meet us!   We were so spoiled.  We might still be, but I won't admit it.


This new journey with my health is tough and its only been a few weeks.  We want to share it in the hope that we can help other pets and their parents find hope, guidance and inspiration for themselves.  Please pray for me and follow me on my journey to wellness.

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Bella's Journey

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