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High Dose Vitamin C IV

Bella has had 2 infusions, so far, of High Dose Vitamin C. This is a treatment that is offered by integrative Veterinarians. It’s exciting to discover that something this simple can potentially help.

She came home from this treatment not feeling great, but had a big appetite.

That’s a win for this house! She is also more vocal which is her natural self. Yay!

If you are curious, Here is an article about this treatment:

The treatment was suggested by Smith Ridge Vet Center in New York… We love Dr Ruskin! Unfortunately Dr Ruskin is in New York, so I had to find a Veterinarian in Los Angeles who would administer this treatment. Interestingly, I could not find ANY Vet during my initial search who offers this. It also turned out that the type and dosage of Vitamin C I needed to purchase was on back order from the supplier. I called several Veterinarian offices to get help finding the Vitamin C, and even asked Smith Ridge Vet center if they would sell some to me, and ship it to Los Angeles. The answer was no. At this point this Vitamin C IV was the ONLY treatment option offered to me since the Veterinarians we had seen so far did not offer any other therapy….besides LDN (low dose naltrexone) which she is also taking….more about LDN later. Luckily I found one last bottle of the 500 mg Vitamin C required at Valley Drug. Irving at Valley Drug Saved the day! (otherwise we would have waited a month) . Sue Downing at Asec agreed to give Bella the IV treatments. The protocol is 3 days, 6-8 hours each time. Not easy for a kitty...

Bella has one more Vitamin C IV coming up this week! Say a prayer for her, she struggles with the IV catheter insertion and has ended up straining her back, legs so much that she can barely walk afterward. Mom is going to give her a stronger sedative this time around!

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