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How this blog started...

Updated: Jan 10, 2018

Bella's diagnoses brought on a myriad of emotions. Considering that she did not show any signs of this disease, and the fact that she gets checked at least twice a year by her internal medicine doctor, this has been a complete shock. There is something particularly heartbreaking about not being able to explain to our animals what is happening. Taking them back and forth to Vet visits where they are poked and prodded in a back room with strangers, is especially difficult. Our animals look to us with such trust that it is heart wrenching to hand them over to strangers to be tested. The look in their eyes when you hand them off and when they return to you is all telling. Being a pet parent going through something this serious can also be isolating. First off, it's not easy to find the right vet. There are not many resources readily available to help navigate and find the best care. You may find the right credentials in a "Vet" ,but finding the right "person" who will treat you and your animal with respect, kindness and empathy can be challenging without a referral from someone who has actually gone to them. Yelp is NO help. As we all know, yelp reviews are not trustworthy anymore as many businesses and doctors offer incentives for people to write positive reviews. So, I found myself desperate for help and guidance. I have to admit that I am lucky to have worked with rescue groups for several years so I now have some dear friends who know a lot about medical issues with animals. However, not everyone has come across the same diagnosis as Bella, or know of a Vet, or specialist in my direct area. This is where part of the isolation sets in...where do I go for help? I decided to write this blog as a way for me to reach out to my group of friends (and friends of friends) for help and ideas, along with letting them know how Bella is doing. My wish for this blog following Bella's journey will offer information, guidance and hope for other pet parents who find themselves in a situation like this. This is for all animal lovers, big and share their ideas or their stories for others to benefit from. Knowing that we are not alone is empowering and helps strengthen us.

Thank you for following Bella's Journey.

Please send us prayers along the way.

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