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The Diagnosis

A challenging part of this journey, has been hearing the diagnoses. Cancer is not something I expected to hear. They say that Bella has a Carcinoma on her liver, that has started to metastasis to her lungs. The tumorIs large enough to push against her other organs causing discomfort. Interestingly, she has been a plump kitty, especially around the middle for a while. I was continually told by Vets that she just needed to lose weight. At this point, it’s hard to know how long this has been there and how long it has been causing discomfort for her. This situation would be much better if this had been caught earlier. This fact has reminded me to always go with my gut and keep pursuing answers. I have thought for a long time that something was just not quite right with Bella. Finding out that this has been the problem is shocking and heartbreaking.

We have been told that a carcinoma is not treatable with Chemotherapy or radiation, but that we could try it anyway and see if it helps at all. The choice right now not to go that direction. luckily Bella has seen a few specialist to get a second, or third opinion...We will see another one soon. We’ll share those experiences in a later post. Navigating a vets office can be a unique experience, and a

challenging experience.

Take Away: Always follow your gut instinct. Even if a “professional” tells you everything is ok, continue to ask questions and if necessary get another opinion.

We'd love to hear about your experiences with a diagnosis for your pet.

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